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Bathed in Serenity

Yoga + Sound Bath

An Immersive Healing Experience

Monday April 5th

6:30pm ET (60min)


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Are you in need of a physical and mental reset? Then you'll definitely want to attend Bathed in Serenity, a unique virtual event combining the restorative powers of both yoga and sound healing.

Led by James Roberts and Summer Dion, participants will first move through a soothing and grounding yoga sequence followed by a restorative and immersive sound bath experience. Expect to leave feeling peaceful and renewed. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.


What you'll need: Soft props (pillows, blankets, etc.) are recommended, but not required for the yoga sequence. Headphones are suggested for the sound bath portion of the event. 

Your Instructors:

James Roberts (yoga)

James has spent the last 5 years offering empowering and inclusive yoga experiences to practitioners of all levels. He has experience teaching in studio, virtual, and corporate spaces. Drawing upon an extensive background in dance, James brings the joy of movement and expression into all of his offerings.

Summer Dion (sound bath)

Summer Dion is a creative being in nature. A woman of many talents, she is a Musician, Dancer, Actress, Model, Writer, Choreographer, Instructor/Teacher and Amateur Photographer. Studying in an environment that fostered and allowed her to experience many different disciplines, people and art in general, she attended the Denver School of the Arts in middle and high school. Graduating from Manual High School with honors and in the Top Ten. Receiving two Bachelors of Arts in Music Education and Dance from Colorado State University, she truly found her love for The Arts during her time in college.

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