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About Me

I've been moving my entire life. Whether as a gymnast when I was younger or in my career as a dancer and performer in theatre, movement has always been integral to who I am. Yoga entered my life initially to supplement my dance training but has gained greater significance over the years. It has given me more confidence in every area of my life. My practice continues to help me move through numerous self-perceived boundaries, and this aspect is central to what I teach.

I offer public classes, private lessons, and events designed to strengthen the body and awaken the spirit. My offerings provide a positive yet challenging environment for yoga practitioners of all levels to move through obstacles and develop their practice.

I completed my teacher training at Sonic Yoga in New York City, where I studied vinyasa flow under master teachers Lauren Hanna, Tracy Mohr, Johanna Bell, Jeffrey Scott Duval, and Keith Partington.

I’m here to empower, not enforce. I’m here to encourage, not push. I act as a guide, offering options from which you can choose. Work with me if you want to feel a sense of ownership in your yoga practice.

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